The ultimate simple solution for all your retail Point of Sale requirements.
Bundling your hardware, software, training, installation & support needs into one complete system.
Simple, affordable, easy and trouble free to use and maintain.


Hotels / Pubs & Clubs


A correctly installed POS system can increase the efficiency of your business by up to 30%.

Our Pub/Club POS systems cover every aspect of functionality that your hospitality business requires. Easy to operate, easy to train, easy to program, with all the essential reports you need to control inventory, cash management, purchasing, staff and membership.

We Custom-Automate your individual POS system to enable a fast delivery of service to your customers while ensuring the your kitchen, barista and service staff always receive fast, clear and concise information about your customers requirements.

We provide some of the most advanced and versatile hospitality software systems available today. Features include:

  • Management of Bistro Orders
  • Management of Customer Tab Accounts
  • Loyalty and Membership Management
  • Eftpos Integration
  • Gaming Interfaces
  • Table Buzzer paging systems
  • Mobile Tablet Terminals
  • Operator Wrist-Band login

Our Hospitality POS systems have been proven to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce staff costs
  • Improve productivity and customer service
  • Eliminate order errors, forgotten orders and missed tables
  • Increase table turnover
  • Increased up-selling and tips

We even provide the option to include recipes and stock control tools that allow control of food, coffee, alcohol etc.. and we can easily train your management staff how to maximise the benefits of our inventory control software. To maximise the performance of your business you need the right information. Our sales analysis software gives you everything you need in a concise, easy-to-read format. You can quickly and easily identify your:

  • Best selling items
  • Sales by department
  • Sales by PLU
  • Hourly Reports
  • Clerk Reports
  • Loyalty account reports

…and dozens more we can customise to suit your requirements

With this information literally at your fingertips you can optimise your business’ performance by analyse your peak times of day to plan your rosters, view clerk reports to assist with staff training and management, plan your stock ordering based on historical data and a whole lot more…

We can provide complete mobile solutions with portable wireless tablet terminals for your floor staff. You’ll experience greatly increased turnaround times due to increased table turnover, and therefore creating increased revenue.

No logins required – our wrist band system saves time and makes access to your POS system simple and easy for your staff, ensuring your customers always receive prompt service and no time is wasted with constant logging in and out.

Our Table Maps function gives you complete visibility and control over your table allocations, ordering management, delivery time management and gives you the power to co-ordinate and manage effectively by ensuring you can always see the ‘big picture’ of your operations.

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