The ultimate simple solution for all your retail Point of Sale requirements.
Bundling your hardware, software, training, installation & support needs into one complete system.
Simple, affordable, easy and trouble free to use and maintain.


Managed P-O-S Systems


Why tie up your valuable cash-flow when you can save your money and get better results with our Managed POS service?

So, what is Managed POS? Managed POS is the ultimate simple solution for your retail Point of Sale requirements. It integrates every element of your POS requirements into simple to use and highly affordable platform.

By bundling your hardware, software, training, installation and support needs into one complete system and then creating a simple and very affordable maintenance and payment program we remove all of the traditional problems associated with the installation and operation of POS systems.

Managed POS is the way POS systems should be, simple, affordable, easy and trouble free.

As a Managed POS client:

  • You’ll have the ability to create one completely integrated system capable of managing every aspect of your business’ customer service, finance, inventory and stock control.
  • You’ll have direct access to our dedicated Service Hot-line.
  • You will receive priority service, meaning you get immediate response to your service calls.
  • You’ll get to keep you cash – instead of outlaying thousands on a system you can reinvest in your business to help it grow your payments are 100% tax deductible.
  • You’ll receive a significant discount on all on-going related consumables for your system.
  • You’ll receive access to on-going training ensuring that even if staff members leave you won’t have to worry about training their replacements yourself
  • Easily upgrade your system as your business grows.

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